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What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?

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What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now? Empty What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now?

Post by ALGERNON on Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:17 pm

A little background: Bitcoin is currently trading at more than $10000 and ether has crossed the $500 mark.

You can check a [Only admins are allowed to see this link] Forum for more help.
Why Bitcoin?

The herd is coming: Bitcoin has already gained a lot of attention. The greater fool theory has started to show its effect.
Coinbase, US’ largest bitcoin exchange has seen a surge in the number of users. 100,000 buyers in 3 days.
Indian exchanges like Koinex, unocoin are taking days to get your KYC verified.
Remember, the current price of $10,000 would seem to you of the same small magnitude as many people today see the year ago price of $1000.
The silicon valley is upbeat. Listen to John McAfee, Bill gates, Richard branson etc etc etc.
It is a store of value. Digital gold if you like.
Why Ether?

Ethereum is a fast picking technology based on Block chain which provides better solutions like “smart contracts” , ICOs etc.
Many large Financial and Tech firms have already backed the Ethereum based blockchain.
The team behind Ethereum blockchain development are a bunch of smart guys who are devoted to the task of providing a better and far more useful technology in the decentralized domain. A few Dapps (Decentralised Applications) have already been deployed and are providing a totally new dimension to the world of forecasting and business contract executions.
It is a deploy-able futuristic technological service.
Ethereum, thus, has definitely gained the First mover’s advantage in the Block chain world. When i started investing in ether, it was trading at a mere $100. The prices are generally higher on the Indian exchanges. It has shown some quick gains by catching the block chain enthusiast’s attention.

Ether is a good long term Hold.

Here are a few tips before you dive into the the cryptocurrency world.

Educate yourself. Learn the technology behind these cryptocurrencies. Understand the phenomena and DO NOT be a victim of the “greater fool theory”.
Secure your wallet. This cannot be emphasized more. The more the demand, the greater the risk of these online exchanges being compromised or overburdened.
Hold for long. Lock in some profits for your satisfaction by day trading, but it would be a better deal to reap its benefit after a few years. I made my first investment at a certain price x. Today it has jumped to 10x.


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