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Is it good to invest in U.S. Forex?

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Is it good to invest in U.S. Forex? Empty Is it good to invest in U.S. Forex?

Post by ALGERNON on Wed May 01, 2019 2:34 pm

This is an odd question, because “US Forex” is not something you can invest in. Your question might be “Is it best to invest via US forex brokers?” or alternately “Is investing in the US Dollar profitable?”

Because of different consumer protection laws, forex investing in the US is very restricted, more so than in other countries. In any case, with whatever brokerage you use you will have to prove your country of residence, so unless you live in the US when you open your account, you will be barred.

As far as forex trading in USD, it is the most traded currency in the world, so it is “good” from the standpoint that the spreads tend to be the lowest versus currency pairs that do not include the USD. However, forex investing is quite different from stock or mutual fund investing, and should really only be considered by people who really like heavy analysis. In other words, amateurs will lose their shirts.

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