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For seo duplicate content is bad

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For seo duplicate content is bad Empty For seo duplicate content is bad

Post by binod bohora on Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:44 am

It is a basic SEO rule that content is king. But not duplicate content. In terms of Google, duplicate content means text that is the same as the text on a different page on the SAME site (or on a sister-site, or on a site that is heavily linked to the site in question and it can be presumed that the two sites are related) – i.e. when you copy and paste the same paragraphs from one page on your site to another, then you might expect to see your site's rank drop. Most SEO experts believe that syndicated content is not treated as duplicate content and there are many examples of this. If syndicated content were duplicate content, that the sites of news agencies would have been the first to drop out of search results. Still, it does not hurt to check from time if your site has duplicate content with another, at least because somebody might be illegally copying your content and you do not know. The Similar Page Checker tool will help you see if you have grounds to worry about duplicate content.
binod bohora
binod bohora

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For seo duplicate content is bad Empty Re: For seo duplicate content is bad

Post by ujwalbro72 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:13 am

Yes, I totally agree on your post. Duplication is very bad for our website or blog.This totally degrades our RANK and causes a lot of problems.


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