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How can I learn successful day trading? Answer Follow · 6 Request

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How can I learn successful day trading? Answer Follow · 6 Request Empty How can I learn successful day trading? Answer Follow · 6 Request

Post by ALGERNON on Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:20 pm

There are many ways you can learn successful trading. Day or Long Term. The process is all the same.

The first step towards successful day trading is to understand that you are going to fail. You are going to fail and fail over and over again until you find the problem. But anyway, I will list a few ways on how to learn day trading.

Internet. This place is full of information, free and enough to teach you how to trade. But to learn how to trade, you need to find all the strategies and ideas and everything that there is, try and see what fits your persona. Pick the one that fits and perfect it according to your personality. This is tough because internet is also filled with a lot of BS. To separate BS from no S, you need a little experience and by the time you get this experience, you will have burned your mind or money.
Learn it yourself. Open charts and sit. Start trading or studying the charts. Market is an illusion and what happens is you tend to find patterns and you will be like “Oh, that is repeating” and you start building strategy around it only to find out that after a few months it stops. You are leaving your money on the table. So..! You may have to start again. So this cycle will continue until you find something sustainable for many years. By the time this happens to you, you may have lost a lot of money.
Mentors. By far the best way is to pay for course, a credible one and take it as your daily mantra and understand and execute each and everything the mentor has for you. Soon, you will find yourself getting better at what you are doing and a mentor/coach to guide you through the journey. I see hundreds (including myself) spend lakhs trying to trade and losing so much money. Instead, if I had found a mentor and paid up, I would have saved me nearly 3 years of pain and a lot of money. This is by far the cheapest way to learning how to trade.
Books. Lot of books give you strategies but just like internet, there are so many books out there, you need to pick one, learn and start executing and keep doing it until it becomes your daily grind and keep refining until you find it fitting your personality. By the end of it, you are still on your own and you will have lost a lot of money.

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