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Broker for trading on FOREX?

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Broker for trading on FOREX? Empty Broker for trading on FOREX?

Post by ALGERNON on Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:39 pm

The RIGHT Forex broker for you depends on a couple of factors. It seems a lot of new Forex traders end up with Gain Capital(forex dot com), FXCM, or GFT. HOWEVER, the reason is is that these companies spend a ton of money advertising. Don't get fooled by the advertising. Now, I'm not saying that one of those may not be right for you... but spend some time researching the different types of Forex brokers and the advantages of each. Read through a couple Forex Broker review sites, taking everything you read with a grain of salt because they all have a horse in the race (ie bias). Then consider the following:

1) Choose a broker that has a combination of strong liquidity sources and financial stability.

2) Understanding your trading strategy and how the different Brokers will affect it's performance.

3) 3) What currency pair(s) do you expect to trade? Depending on a Broker's liquidity source(s) the broker may have better or worse spreads on different pairs.

4) ECN, STP, or Market Maker? Is the broker trading against you or simply passing your orders onto the real market? Research the types of brokers and choose the one that fits your trading style best.

5) Fixed spread or Variable spread? This choice can be extremely important depending on the strategy you trade and the position sizes you take. If you mainly stick to high-volume market times for your trading than you will probably want a variable spread which often translates into lower overall spread costs. If you get signals around the clock, many times during off peak hours a fixed spread Broker may be better because fixed spreads tend to be cheaper than variable spreads during off market times. If you want to read more click [Only admins are allowed to see this link]


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