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Cook Safe Food Safety Assurance System

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Cook Safe Food Safety Assurance System Empty Cook Safe Food Safety Assurance System

Post by jp2012 on Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:53 am

Cook Safe food safety assurance system is divided into five sections. The first section provides the key definitions and the details of how HACCP works. This is followed by advice on constructing a flow diagram specific to your operation and based on the template provided. The third section provides generic HACCP charts for most process steps from purchase to service. Charts include details of hazards, control measures and critical limits, monitoring and recording and corrective action. Charts need to be completed relevant to the process steps of your specific business and this requires using the fourth section of the manual, the house rules. The house rules include advice on both prerequisite programmed like wise personal hygiene and cleaning as well as the guidance on critical limits and monitoring for example temperature control. Using template provided you are expected to draw up your own house rules and complete the HACCP charts. The final section of the cook safe provides the guidance on recording and includes photocopier monitoring forms such as delivery records, temperature monitoring records, audit records and cleaning schedules.

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