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Outsourcing helps to increase quality business.

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Post by sanjupaudel on Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:13 pm

AURO Tech Onsite Support Services

AURO Tech I.T. support services and technical support on a short or long term basis

We provide superior onsite technical support on a short or long term basis. We have accumulated an invaluable technical knowledge base and have developed industry methodologies and best practices.

Help Desk Services

Our Help Desk Services personnel support most commercially available network operating systems, desktop operating systems, and desktop office applications. AUROTech will dependably and cost-effectively:

• Supplement your existing staff
• Support you when your staff is on leave
• Temporarily fill open requisitions

Desktop Support Services

AUROTech provides the onsite end-user Desktop support necessary to keep your company productive.

• Installing new hardware or desktop platforms
• Adding peripheral equipment
• Rolling out large scale upgrades
• Moving to a different location
• Help in day-to-day support and management

Managed Desktop Services & Solutions

AUROTech provides comprehensive desktop management services designed to meet the scalable needs of clients with simple to complex environments. We support desktops, laptops, mobile and thin computing devices, and provide all associated support services. Our end-to-end service provides full life cycle management -- from procurement to decommission, including infrastructure technology, software and support for all end-user devices.

If you're spending too much time and money on buying and maintaining desktops, AUROTech can help. With our Managed Desktop solution, we can procure, install, maintain and manage your desktop infrastructure for you - all for one monthly cost. Your IT resources focus on your business, and we focus on providing your users with reliable access to a desktop environment that they require to get their job done. Our modular approach allows you to tailor the right solution for your environment.

Available services include:
• Service Desk (24x7 coverage window)
• Endpoint Services
o Hardware Maintenance Support & Desk-side Support
o Deployment and installation services
o Moves, Adds, Changes and Decommissions
• Software Services

o Desktop Image Management
o Patch Management
o Electronic Software Distribution
• Asset Management Services
• Procurement Services
• Security Services (Antivirus management)
• Professional Services
o Desktop infrastructure assessment
o Desktop standards management

Service level options

• Hardware Maintenance extended support hours up to 24x7
• Extended Desk-Side support window coverage up to 24x7
• Up to four hour resolution time SLA

Features and benefits

When you're dealing with your technology, it's best to be in the know - know what you're paying, know what you're planning and know what performance to expect. AUROTech Managed Desktop gives you insight into all three. You pay one monthly fee for the hardware and services you select. And defined service levels let you anticipate performance and support response.

Standardize your desktop environment

• Minimize the number of images
• Refresh outdated equipment with business-class desktops and laptops

Focus on your core business:

• Build key competencies of your IT team
• Eliminate mundane desktop management tasks
• Realize scalability as your organization grows

Realize financial benefits:

• Reduce costs
• Establish predictable monthly IT expenditures
• Reduce your IT infrastructure risk through well-managed changes and ongoing compliance checks

Deliver consistently excellent service:

• Utilize proven processes and industry-leading tools
• Access AUROTech’s resource pool of experienced professionals
• Improve desktop user productivity by minimizing downtime due to vulnerabilities and outdated software
• Comply more easily with corporate governance and regulatory standards

Service Desk Management Services

The Service Desk functions as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to provide users with the help they need to restore their service as quickly as possible with a minimum amount of disruption and downtime. The SPOC model is important as it is designed to save users time when they are needed to resolve their technology issues.


One phone call, one email, one message. That's all it takes for your employees to get the help they need. And that's all it takes for you to improve service in your IT environment. Our service desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and provides customer request management, problem tracking and help desk services. Our certified, knowledgeable agents use the best technology and practices to identify requests or problems and respond quickly and professionally.

• Reduce in-house training costs
• Provide a better desktop experience for your users
• Obtain fast, courteous and efficient service from a trusted source

Key features and benefits

Understand and control your IT costs while providing better overall IT service quality. You can focus on your business – AUROTech will provide the service and support to improve the productivity of your end-users.

• Proactive approach to eliminate repeat problems
• Service levels to measure and improve service
• Follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction of incident resolution

What it includes

AUROTech Service Desk provides the technology, the expertise and the people to deliver the IT support that your employees and customers need. Calls are automatically routed to the right people, with the right skills and remote management tools to resolve them quickly. Service Desk responsibilities include:

• Incident detection and recording
• Incident classification and initial support
• Investigation and diagnosis
• Resolution and recovery
• Incident closure
• Incident ownership, monitoring, tracking and communication

Service Desk Tier 1 Operations

• Incidents tracked through to completion
• Engage and manage your 3rd party providers
• Incident escalation as required
• Complaint management
• Quality Assurance

Remote Tier II Operations

• Remote desktop takeover
• Desktop support - Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP , Windows 7
• Level 2 troubleshooting
• Virus response and remediation
• Network LAN / WAN
• Security
• Server support - Windows, Unix, Linux
• Desktop applications
• Customized applications
• Mainframe
• NtBackup
• Database

Managed Server Services

Server management is a key service offering for AUROTech’s IT Infrastructure capabilities. AUROTech supports over 14,500 UNIX and Intel servers in a wide variety of platforms and management levels.
Server management offerings cover the complete breadth of business requirements from simple monitoring to fully outsourced solutions, serving all customer segments and sizes from small businesses to large multi-national companies. We have the ability to manage servers in the customer's premise.


You want your servers running and available all the time. But you also want to direct your budget and resources to revenue-focused projects. With AUROTech Managed Servers, we take on the day-to-day management of your servers. You receive guaranteed, flexible performance with predictable monthly costs that include hardware, software and management.

• Choose from Basic or Enhanced management options, depending on your business needs
• Day to day management includes proactive monitoring and reporting on server activity

Key features and benefits
Managing servers effectively requires technology. And that normally means that you have to spend money to buy it, implement it and maintain it. With AUROTech Managed Servers, you get the technology and the expertise. We invest in the latest equipment from leading vendors, and our 1000+ team of experts employs proven management practices. So you spend less and work less to improve server service levels.

• Achieve availability and consistent performance for business-critical servers
• Enhanced management offers 30 minute response during business hours and two hour response on evenings and weekends
• Combine Managed Servers with other AUROTech network, voice and application management offerings

Managed servers basic service

Managed Servers Basic Service includes monitoring of critical application services using predefined key performance indicators

• Thresholds
• Health (availability)
• Alert

This includes:

• 24/7 monitoring
• Basic monitoring of server infrastructure
• Notification when server health impacts service levels
• Reporting through client self-service Portal
• Standard backup/restore monitoring

Supported Operating Systems include:

• Windows Platform
• HP-UX (Unix)
• Sun Solaris (Unix)

Managed servers enhanced service

The Enhanced Managed Server Service includes all of the components of the Basic Service plus:

• Enhanced Service (basic service +)
• Quick response to critical incidents - 30 minutes on business days, two hours evenings/weekends via page
• AUROTech responds to trouble tickets and manages change
• AUROTech is responsible for health and availability with service level agreement
• On-site support if necessary

Managed Storage Services & Solutions

AUROTech can provide a wide variety of shared & tiered Utility Storage and individually Dedicated Managed Storage solutions leveraging our Internet Data Centers. Our leading Internet Data Centers are available to solve a multitude of storage related needs for AUROTech customers.


Data is your most important asset. Without it, you can't do business. Do you store it effectively? Can you get to it when you need it? If there was a business-interrupting event, could you still access it? AUROTech can make sure that you answer yes to every question. Our Managed Storage solutions can help you consolidate, migrate, recover, access and connect with the data that runs your business.

• Utility-based pricing model lets you anticipate storage costs - you pay for the parts of the solution that you use
• Access AUROTech’s equipment and expertise as part of a shared environment to reduce costs and eliminate the need to own technology and hire staff
• Ensure that business-critical data is always protected and available

Key features and benefits

It doesn't matter how simple or sophisticated your storage process is now. AUROTech works with you from start to finish - from understanding your needs to maintaining the solution - so it's always customized to how you work.

• Consolidate storage from multiple systems to one to reduce costs and simplify backup and restore procedures
• Migrate data reliably from one platform to another quickly and cost-effectively without losing data or access
• Recover data to ensure limited business interruption
• Ensure business continuity with access to data in the event of planned or unplanned events
• Connect storage devices with data servers on high speed, specialized networks that provide better access to data and centralized management
• Redundant backup over multiple systems and multiple locations to ensure data safety

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Outsourcing Empty Re: Outsourcing

Post by AnjanaSharma on Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:48 am

such a nice information about Auro technology. thanks for sharing your company information with us. hope in future you will share some more information about your company.


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Outsourcing Empty Re: Outsourcing

Post by swikritipradhan on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:04 am

yes i found this information more powerful and i am interested in this topic. I think i have to share this post among my friends as well. Thank you very much for sharing this post.


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