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Payment system of Ved International Discussion Board.

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Payment system of Ved International Discussion Board. Empty Payment system of Ved International Discussion Board.

Post by Najar2008 on Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:41 pm

We have decided to share 80% of the total organizational revenue to our active users. The payments are determined according to points that have been earned from the discussion board. Amount per point are determined by dividing total revenue by total points earned by users.

We will give an example to explain how it works in a real situation.
For Example: Company Revenue was $10000.00 USD
There were a total of 70000 points.
You have 700 points in your account
Therefore: ( (10000 * 80%) / 70000 ) * ( 700 ) = Your revenue calculated in U.S. Dollars ( $80.00 USD )
What does the above equation mean?
The total revenue of the users is $8,000
We now calculate the value of 1 credit by splitting the total users' revenue to how much points were earned: $8000 / 70000 = 0.114$ per 1 credit
You earned 700 points last month. therefore your revenue is $0.114(The value of 1 credit) Multiplied by 700 = $80.00 As a monthly income

The calculation of per points is done in first week of next months and are manually sent to all users within the ending of the months.

You can consult with our supportive team about the working procedure in chat system too.


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